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Best Nike Marathon Shoes for Half & Full Marathon [2023]

Best Nike Marathon Shoes for Half & Full Marathon

Everyone started out with the University of Oregon runner selling imported shoes from behind his car and was one of the leading sports companies. In 1962, Phil Knight launched Blue Ribbon Sports and had his ex-coach, Bill Bowerman, joined him in 1964, to sell Onitsuka shoes in the United States. The pair started playing with new designs for running shoes, and it’s been a Nike mark since then to push the envelope.

Nike famous words,

“Believe that voice that says you can run a little faster, and you can throw a little harder. That for you, the laws of physic are only merely a suggestion.”

Nike now is global but remains dedicated to building shoes that will allow runners to walk faster and more quickly. Nike is one of the world’s most successful and renowned firms. The company sponsors many footballs, tennis, basketball, and a variety of athletes’ shoes.

Listed below are some but widely used marathon shoes by everyone globally.

best marathon nike shoes

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TOP 10 Best Nike Marathon Shoes [Half & Full marathon] 2023:

1: Nike Men’s Revolution 5 Marathon Shoes

Quick information:


Ease level:

The running shoes of Nike Revolution 5 men coil up your move with soft foam to keep you relaxed. Minimalist style suits almost everywhere users take every day.


These Nike men’s shoes are light knit, covering the feet in comfort to breathe. Strengthened heel and overlays provide durability and support.


The smooth, stable movement of the soft foam mid sole, make it necessary for men to run shoes. The outer textured wall reduces the shoe’s weight.


These Nike shoes are made of rubber outsoles, which offer long lasting traction on a range of surfaces. Spacing user foot in the tread will naturally make the feet flex.

Our Opinion: After many unsuitable years it just started running and decided to wear a decent couple of trainers. Choose it because it’s a brand I used to wear and don’t want to invest dumb cash without knowing if I want to keep up with it.

2: Nike Men’s Revolution 4 Marathon Shoes

Quick information:



The modelled pods provide traction across multiple surfaces. Pods flat on impact and hop back to the stage, creating a reactive piston effect.


Soft midsole foam provides a simple, sensitive coating. Vamp and toe tip underlays provide protection and structure to make the ride comfortable.

High quality:

No stitching overlays along the middle foot and eyes ensure longevity while preserving the lightweight shoe. A mesh upper single layer for optimum respiratory efficiency.


Minimum running shoes in style. The full outsole of rubber offers a lasting pull and coating to last longer.

Our Opinion: The shoes are fantastic athletes. When it’s about performance shoes and fitness, Nike is top in my book. Its big sizes are great for me and they feel great when I’m walking on the walking path or outside.

3: Nike Men’s Downshifter 9 Marathon Shoes


Quick information:


Our Opinion: This is the shoe for those who want a stylish Nike with different width. These shoes are big enough, I like. The comfort on the shoe was awesome, I brake them for a few days and I had my first run today. Color I like it too.

4: Nike Men’s Flex Experience Run 8 Marathon Shoes

Quick information:



Flex shoes with outsole stability and a soft mesh in the head for the adaptive fit. This makes them the best running shoes.


A non-sew overlay on laces and tip of the toe brings stability to the running slides. This adds extra durability and traction to the textured outsole.


The single-centre sole injector offers a resilient riding and ample long-lasting as an outer sole. This decreases the weight of the rubber and your running shoes overall.


The Hexagonal flex grooves give six different flex points, which encourage a natural range of motion. This makes the run swift and flexible.

Our Opinion: One of my most famous running shoes. Very flexible. Very flexible. After a couple of miles my feet feel fantastic and want to move on. Get a bigger than normal size of 1/2.

5: Nike Women’s Marathon Shoes

Quick information:



The Nike air zoom Pegasus 35 women’s running shoes are designed to look and work amazingly snappy. This adds a charm to the ladies personality.

Optimal fit:

The lower eyelet was moved to open the flex zone in the forefoot. This provides the best fit.


The complete zoom air unit and beveled heel work in synergy for excellent response. This ensures optimum stability in acceleration in the engineers’ mesh and fly wire cables.

Size Variety:

The shoes come in the market with size variety. The users can choose the best keeping their personal preferences on top.

Our Opinion: After a significant milestone my old, really worn Nike trainers broke and I needed to find new trainers. So I chose to gamble and order new trainers in the same size, I did not want to go to the shops. I haven’t been disappointed – suit perfectly, beautiful and very relaxed.

6: Nike Men’s Marathon Shoes


Quick information:


High quality:

The shoes are of high quality using flyknit upper. This gives enough flexibility and reduces the shoe weight too.


The Nike shoes had a molded heel. This enables the users to walk and run with stability and easily.

Contoured Collar:

The shoes had a contoured collar which is constructed under the user’s ankle. This gives smooth and secure fit to them.

Color diversity:

The shoe had a wide range of colors. The users can choose by keeping their personal preferences on top.

Our Opinion: I just got this and I just love it. I always looked for the kind of coaches. Soft insoles, decent highness and in which you can comfortably walk. I’ve been terrified, hopefully it’s good, but it’s got better.

7: Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Marathon Shoes

Quick information:


All-weather Shoes:

These shoes because of the material used in them keep the foot warm and secure regardless of the weather. They are all-weather shoes and acts as a user’s friendly shoes.

Size Variety:

The shoes come in the market with diverse sizes. The runners can choose them with no hesitation and keeping their size on top.

High quality:

These shoes are of high quality giving full security and swiftness. Being lightweight and soft, they give runners a full chance to win.

Colour cascade:

The shoes appear as a cascade of colours and rainbow for the users. Having colour variety makes the selection tough and choosy yet interesting.

Our Opinion: I run and sprint, I wanted to get the right trainer pair and pay a little extra. These are good for concrete because they have a pretty padded sole. But on astroturf, they operate too well, with lovely grip. I wear them when they are in places, they’re so comfortable and stylish.

8: Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Marathon Shoes

Quick information:



The shoes are warm and safe regardless of the weather because of the material used in them. All of them are weather shoes, they act as friendly user shoes.

Diverse sizes:

The shoes are available in various sizes on the market. The runners are able to choose and retain their size without hesitation.

Highly protective:

These high-quality shoes provide complete safety and speed. They are lightweight and soft and give runners every opportunity to win.

Colour variety:

For the users, the shoes look like a cascade of colour. The selection is difficult and chic with colour variation.

Our Opinion: They came in perfect conditions, and earlier than expected, for the day to go I bought these shoes. They feel like flying, they are very light and comfortable.

9: Nike Men’s Training Shoes

Quick information:


Best fit:

The lower eyelet was moved to open the flex zone in the forefoot. This provides the best fit.


The shoes heel collar was designed as a comfort in the Achilles tendon to tear away from the leg. This gives a safe and secure run.

High quality:

The shoe had a bevelled heel. This optimizes the start and move of the touchdown.


The shoes consist of an engineered mesh and partial bootie. This offers a feeling of protection.

Our Opinion: When you get a running show it’s easy to justify a move, so I bought them for the previous pair of Pegasus 35s as a direct replacement. Everything was the same and a lot more bouncy. They’re very fine, very good shoe.

10: Nike in-Season TR 9 Women’s Marathon Shoes

Quick information:


Supportive shoes:

The flat-to-ground seat supports the media and side arch support. The memory foam sock lining guarantees the comfort of the feet.


The shoes retain traction when exercising. The user must be thankful to the multidirectional molding on the outsoles, the laces and the gore strap that makes the user elegant.

Colour diversity:

The shoes come in a variety of colours. This makes the selection process tough but choosy.


The shoe had sizes ranging from small to medium and from large to extra-large. This makes their usage favorable among all ages.

Our Opinion: Super adorable and very well fit. They purchased my new running shoes and feel really relaxed walking and running in. The company said at first that I should cancel my order because it was on the back order at first and didn’t know when it was again available. But another week I waited for it and I got it.


How long will new running shoes take to break in?

In general, one’s new running shoes should spend around 2 to 3 weeks. They should be much easier to wear after this period. However, some models may take a bit longer.

Do the new Nike shoes offer unfair advantages to runners?

Some runners and researchers believe that Vaporfly is unfair because the foam and carbon fibre sole of the shoes is designed to reduce energy losses at each footprint. Both studies sponsored by independent and Nike showed that Vaporflys enhance the energy efficiency of the athletes by 4% or more.

Which shoes elite marathon runners mostly prefer?

Runners in the Olympic Marathon Trials have overwhelmingly selected Nike Vaporfly shoes.

What is the life span of marathon shoes?

The maximum lifetime period of running shoes is about 4-6 months.

Do running shoes have a shelf life?

The typically one-size-fits-all solution given by shoe retailers and manufacturers has: “a standard running shoe must last 300-500 thousand.”

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